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Lash Tools

Lash Tools

SKU: Lash Tools

 Tweezers: are a must for evryone to have!  Get rid of those unwanted hairs and get the clean look and shape that you desire.


 Scissors: are an ideal tool to use for cutting your lashes to fit your eye lenght. We recomend cutting them from the outer ends as it will not disrupt the style of the lash, and will look more suitable for your eye size and shape.


 Lash Applicator: is the perfect addition to your lash routine. This tool can be used to hold and help you apply your falsies on your lash line.


 Lash Curler: will become the holy grail in your lash routine. Once the falsie have dried on your eyes, take the curler and clamp/pinch your real lashes and the false lashes together for a better hold. This will make the falsies feel and be more secure on your eyes and have a better blend between them.


 Set Includes: tweezers, scissors, eyelash applicator, and eyelash curler in Rose Gold.

Made from durable stainless steel.

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